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Tell Us About It

Thank you for poking around our Happy Little Stitch Shop!  We want this to be YOUR Happy Little Stitch Shop.  In order for this to be your go-to stitch shop, we need to know what you need.  I can't promise that we can get everything you need as soon as you need it, but I will try my best.  

If you are looking for something and we don't have it, please send an e-mail and ask us to get it for you.  If it's in the budget, I will get it!

If you have comments about shipping, please let us know.  We are learning and would love the feedback!

If you have issues navigating our website, please tell us.  I want to fix it to make your experience here an enjoyable one!

Any other comments, questions, concerns?  Please get in touch with us.  We hope you will support our family business and we will do our best to keep you coming back!