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Summer plannin' had me a blast...🎶🎶🎶

Summer plannin' happened so fast...🎶🎶🎶

Okay, my friends!  Summer is here!  It is happening right now!  And for me, the start of summer is always a good time to sit down and plan out the next 3 months.  I have been mapping out our summer to fit in some quality family time - camping, game nights, day trips etc.  Summer planning also includes home organization and trying to get our house under control after a busy school year.  It also includes projects and organization for our Happy Little Stitch Shop.  And, of course, project planning for sewing, cross stitch and crochet.  

I have heard from many of you who are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the number of projects you have going on.  I feel the same, but after I chose a few projects to focus on over the summer I feel much better.  Less overwhelmed.  Less stressed.  So, I am sharing my project plan with you and hope that some of you might follow along and keep me company. 😁


As you know, it is the summer of Granny Squares and our Granny Square Along with Lori Holt.  So, that is going to be my focus here. I will continue to leisurely make Granny Squares to add to my blanket.  I would also like to make a couple of pillows and pin cushions following Lori's YouTube tutorials, but I don't want to start to add too much to this plate.  If I get an itch to make these other projects I will, otherwise they will be there for my Fall Planning.  My main focus is Granny Squares.

Cross Stitch:

I have picked two cross stitch projects that I am going to focus on this summer - with maybe a sprinkling of a third.

First, my Sabbath Stitch.  Each Sunday I will try to pick this up and stitch on it.  And, over this summer I might not just limit it to Sunday.  If I hope to finish this stitch by Christmas then it will need some extra time here and there.

I am stitching A Saviour's Praise by Shakespeare's Peddler:

My second stitch is Brick House by With Thy Needle and Thread.  Lori Holt has challenged me to finish this one before we start our next sampler in September called A Prairie Life by Heartstrings Samplery.  So...I am going to try my best!  I may not add the flowers to the bottom of this one.

Then I may sprinkle in a third stitch because these are always fun and quick!  My third sprinkling is the Stitch Cards Sets by Lori Holt.


Okay, this is the area that might make you think that it is too much, but I have put some thought into it.  As a whole this seems like a lot, but broken down it feels very manageable and so I am going for it!  

I have picked 4 quilts to work on this summer.  I feel like three of them will be easy peasy to get done this summer.  The fourth might put this plan over the edge, but I am going to give it my best shot!  In doing so, I know for a fact that I will be farther than I am now and that is something!

My first quilt, Farmhouse Star by Lori Holt!  I have totally settled into this one now and I feel like it is going to be done in no time!  This quilt is gorgeous and it is SO EASY!!  The blocks consist of 2 basic pieces which makes it go very fast.  I am thoroughly enjoying this one!

📸 Lori Holt

The second quilt is Bee Happy by Lori Holt!  This is another one that is very manageable.  We have our Sew Along broken down week by week and by the end of the summer there will be another beautiful quilt to enjoy!

Next is Cozy Christmas by Lori Holt!  This is the one that might push my summer plan over the edge.  I am planning to have this be my Christmas in July project.  Again, I think these blocks are very easy to make progress on.  I plan to put together a Sew Along schedule and share it right here on my blog once it is ready.  Kits have already shipped to all of you who ordered one, so we should be all set to jump in!

Finally, Great Granny Squared by Lori Holt!  And I am pretty excited about this one!  I have not implemented a deadline for this one.  I want to work on it at a leisurely pace and enjoy the process for this quilt.  I plan to make mine into a bed quilt and I am super happy about that - I have not made one for my husband and I yet and I think this one is going to be perfect!  

Well, that's my plan and I'm sticking to it!  😁 I have no idea if I will accomplish all of these things this summer and that is okay.  I have loose timeframes in my mind that I am aiming for, but progress is progress and that is my focus this summer.  I have taken a bunch of other things off my plate and whittled it down to just these to enjoy.  At the end of summer I will reassess and look at what has been completed, what I need to carry forward into the next season, and what other projects get added for September through December (Prairie Meadow for sure! 😍).  As you know, all of this is more fun with company!  I hope you will join me for all or just some, but join me nonetheless!  Leave a comment below and let me know if you will!

Happy stitching! 🤗



  • Oh I’m joining you with the same enthusiasm, eagerness, and happy thoughts about it all as you are. Let’s get to it!!

    Sandy U
  • Love these and the movie Grease:)

    Michele Mead
  • Thank you Angela…I now have the sound track to Grease in my head!! 😂🤣 🎶🎵I am off for the summer and already worried about how I will keep up once I return to work. Here’s the thing… this hobby should NEVER be associated with stress and pressure. So… I will plan knowing that life happens and will be sure to give myself grace and just enjoy the journey of stitching all the things!!

    Brandy Buske
  • As always you help me organize my scattered thoughts. I have so many things I want to do before school begins again. I have been making decent progress, but I need more sit and stitch time. There’s never enough of that in my life. 😉😊

    Kara Thompson
  • Oh Angela thank you for sharing your summer plan. It’s encouraged me to make a plan for the summer too. A little ambition always gets me motivated. And motivation leads to progress. I will be working on all the quilts along side of you. I also need to add the cross stitch back into my planning. A little progress is progress.

    I’m excited to work on the quilts. For me before I leave my craft room I try to cut the next block/blocks out and that has helped me to just sew the block/blocks that are ready to sew the next time I have a little time to work on them. I also love to trace the sew simple shapes I need and pair it up with the fabric that I’ll be using when it comes to Sew Simple Shape quilt alongs. That has also helped. I see that you are doing that also for the Farmhouse Star quilt. Sew 🧵 this is a method that helps us stay on track when we can. Happy stitching everyone!


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