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ReMix Mini Series with Lori Holt

As most of you know...I am a fan of all things Lori Holt!  Not only am I a fan, but she has also become a friend to me and a friend to our happy little community!  

We are in the middle of our ReMix Mini Series with Lori right now and I plan to update you on our monthly progress right here, but first let's get you caught up. 

Each month Lori designs 2 quilt blocks featuring a 6 inch appliqué center with star point added to the outside to create a 12 inch block.  This series will last for 10 months allowing us to create 20 blocks which will make up our ReMix Mini Series Quilt!  Lori releases all of the information each month on her YouTube Channel with instructions on how to make each block.  No pattern to follow all by yourself...instead you get to hang out with Lori and create!  Hosted by Lori Holt with kits offered by Happy Little Stitch Shop, this is the happiest little series!

Let's bring you up to date!  Here are pictures of each of my finished blocks.  They are appliquéd, trimmed and ready for the final quilt.

Here are Blocks 1 and 2:

Here are Blocks 3 and 4:

Here are Blocks 5 and 6:

Here are Blocks 7 and 8:

These blocks are so much fun to make each month!  And I know those of you who are subscribed to our ReMix Club look forward to getting your shipment each month!  Thank you for joining in!

You are still welcome to join our ReMix Mini Series, however, some Lori Holt fabrics may need to be substituted for fabrics that are out of stock and unable to be reordered.  If that is okay with you, then please join us!

Lori releases new ReMix blocks on the third Friday of each month - Blocks 9 and 10 are coming soon!  Until next month...

Happy Stitching, 



  • I would love more information on the Lori club.
    Thank you

    Marie Silva
  • I have the first 4 months blocks…..have not done a single one yet, but it looks like each one is bound with binding. Or are they just laid on those boards that she sells?

    Karen E
  • I am also a fan of Lori Holt and am thrilled to know that you are friends with her! I love all of her creations. It’s good to know that I can turn to Happy Little Stitch Shop for Lori Holt products.

  • I love your Happy Little Blog! Great idea!!!✂️🧵✂️

    Susan Morris
  • Audry – yes, you can still sign up for our ReMix Club, but we may have to substitute other Lori Holt fabrics for fabrics that are sold out and unavailable for order. If you are okay with that then please join us! Here is the link to sign up: https://happylittlestitchshop.com/products/sew-simple-shapes-remix-club-by-lori-holt?pos=1&_sid=38c0fd9d3&ss=r

    Happy Little Stitch Shop

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