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Granny Square Summer of Fun with Lori Holt and Happy Little Stitch Shop STARTS NOW!!

School's out for summer!! 🎶

Summer break has officially started for our happy little family and we are excited about it!  This past week has been a bit unusual as everyone hit a wall, but we all made it over the finish line even if we had to drag each other.  These first days of summer always feel like a big continuous sigh...feeling the chaotic schedule and stressors of the school year releasing and melting away.  It's a good time to unwind.  I'm looking forward to a good summer for all!

There is a major event happening at Happy Little Stitch Shop this summer and I am ridiculously excited about it!  The Granny Square Along with Lori Holt has officially begun!  We are having TRIPLE the Granny Square fun through crochet, cross stitch AND quilting!  Lori kicked-off our Granny Square Summer of Fun through her YouTube Channel at the beginning of this week.  Take a peek at her video for all the details.  You can find it HERE.

  1. CROCHET - we have been making Granny Squares for a few months now and adding to our Granny stacks for our projects.  If you want to join in all you need to do is get your supplies at Happy Little Stitch Shop and settle in with Lori's Granny Square tutorial HERE.
  2. CROSS STITCH - Lori so generously designed a Granny Square cross stitch pattern for us to enjoy and it is FREE!  You can get your pattern in Lori's Youtube video for her Granny Square kick-off linked above.
  3. QUILTING - we are also making the Great Granny Squared Quilt!  Happy Little Stitch Shop is offering a Granny Square Quilt Kit using Granny Chic by Lori Holt.  You can also make a scrappy version from your own stash!

In her kick-off video, Lori has issued a challenge which I hope you will accept and post your square using #GrannySquareAlong.  I am posting mine today!  I am expanding that challenge for a little added fun!  Each member of my family picked colors to design their own Granny Square (pictured below).  I challenge you to pick your favorite square and make one of your own.  Then post it using #GrannySquareAlong and #happylittlestitchshop.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you this summer and having some Granny Square fun with you and Lori!  Be there or be Granny Square!  😁



  • I’m so excited about the Granny Square Along too. I received my recent order of new colors because not all my family members liked the colors I currently have. I have a lot of posting to do and hope to get that all caught up at some point tomorrow.

    Sandy U
  • I accidentally found this on YouTube…it’s only 12 min long. A fantastic way to join crochet rows that look flawless. https://youtu.be/c04i3DbVJDQ

  • 😊🧶

    Jane Horton
  • Loris great granny squared was one of my first quilt book when I dipped my toe into quilting. Iam stitching granny squares for a purse I saw on Erica aren’t sight. I need instant gratification first! FYI. 2 of my grandkids had RSV last week. Same symptoms as covid and could possible test like covid. So glad you all pulling out of it.

  • I love the blog, great idea!

    Huckleberry aka Jean

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