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Farmhouse Star Sew Along - Update

How is your Farmhouse Star progress coming along?  I know many of you are WAY ahead of where I am and I hope you are loving every minute of it!

I am making progress each week.  Sometimes just a little bit of progress and other weeks a lot of progress, but progress is progress!  (WARNING: Don't take a drink for every time you read the word 'progress' in that previous sentence! 😄)

I am making this quilt following along with Lori's Farmhouse Star YouTube videos.  

Step 1:  the big center farmhouse star...COMPLETE!

Step 2:  the circle farmhouse stars in sizes 12", 10" and 8"...COMPLETE!

Step 3:  the scrappy stars in sizes 4", 6" and 8"...IN PROGRESS!

I have started on the 4" stars and then will move on to the other sizes.  I will continue to add a few each week until all are complete!

See?  This quilt is easy as 1, 2, 3!!  By the time I am done, I will have this to enjoy...

Oh my!! 😍 I cannot wait!

We have just a couple kits left for this gorgeous quilt.  Click HERE to get your Farmhouse Star Quilt Kit.

I'm loving this quilt and I hope you are too!  It's sew much fun making it with you!  Thank you for keeping me company!

Happy stitching! 🤗


  • Is there a backing for Farmhouse Stars?

    Louise Armstrong
  • The pattern isn’t available separately from the kit is it?

    Sandy U.
  • Looks gorgeous!

  • 🥰

    Jane Horton
  • Love this quilt. Can’t wait to see it done in patriotic colors.


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