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Farmhouse Star Sew Along

Well, my friends...we are in the midst of another beautiful sew along hosted by Lori Holt and this one is so bright and cheerful!  You can't help but be happy when you see it!
Lori kicked off this sew along at the end of May and I must admit I fell a bit behind right off the bat because I didn't have an 18.5" Trim It Ruler and I didn't want to chance making it work with an offset ruler.  So, I waited...and now the ruler is HERE and in the shop!  I was able to finish that big center star!  Here she is in all her vibrant happiness!
There were two other things that were holding me back with this sew along.  
First, I really want the coloring of my quilt to follow the sample and I was having difficulty seeing which prints/colors go where.  Well, I got out my handy dandy Halo Light that I use for my cross stitching and I could see the quilt picture better with the magnification.  BUT, here’s the real game changer!  Lori has also included a PDF link in the description of her YouTube videos for Farmhouse Star.  I can zoom in to have a clear picture and it is VERY clear!  Now I feel pretty confident that I am picking the right colors and the correct prints.  That hesitation seems to be solved.
Second, I couldn't wrap my head around how to tackle this quilt and pattern in a way that made sense in my brain.  Considering my hesitation above, I didn't want to just randomly cut up my fat quarter bundle without a clear idea of where those pieces/shapes would be used.  So, I have decided to work on each block in groups based on type.  For example, we just finished the big center block and now Lori has released a video on her YouTube Channel for the stars that are in circles.  Over the next two weeks (hopefully) I will work on all of the circle star blocks.  There are 14 in total.  I am going to start with all of the 12" circle blocks, then 10" and so on.  
That's my plan of attack!  If this makes sense in your brain and you want to join me, I would LOVE the company!  It's always more fun to create when you are doing it with stitchy friends!  Remember to share on social media tagging Happy Little Stitch Shop and using #farmhousestarsewalong.  Don't forget to share in our Happy Little Stitchers Facebook group too!  This is going to be a gorgeous quilt once we have it done.  The blocks alone are already so happy!


  • Are there so simple shapes for all these star points and the center of the stars? Help!

    Lisa Walters
  • I love seeing all the blocks individually that you have made so far. It certainly is turning out to be a beauty.

    Sandy U
  • Can’t wait to start mine.

    Mary Davis
  • Love this star! I am a big sucker for them! And ai love the blog too! Great idea!

    Kelly, aka wrennknits
  • Your star is looking fabulous!! Love the blog, its a great place to come back to for reference and information.


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