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Calico Garden Sew Along - Week Two!!

It's already time for Week Two in our Calico Garden Sew Along!  I had so much fun making those cute little Morning Glory flowers!  They went together so quickly too!
Our Calico Garden Sew Along is led by Lori Holt through her YouTube Channel and Blog.  It features Lori's newest collection called Calico and it is simply gorgeous!
Happy Little Stitch Shop will host this Sew Along through our blog and weekly Lives.  Regardless of what pace you are sewing at or where you are at in the sew along, we hope you will join in the fun and sew along with us sharing every step of progress along the way!  
I will be posting my progress here on our Happy Little Blog.  I will also host Calico Sew Along Lives through our YouTube Channel, share progress on Instagram and in our Happy Little Stitchers Facebook page.
To sew along with us, you will need a Calico Garden Quilt Kit which you can find HERE and the Calico Garden Sew Simple Shapes which you can find HERE.
You will also need the Calico Garden Sew Along Guide which you can find HERE.
🎶 What's the story Morning Glory?  What's the tale nightingale?  Did you hear about Hugo and Kim? 🎶
Yes, that is the song that I was singing in my head (and sometimes out loud) while I made these cute Morning Glory blocks!  Leave a comment below and name the movie!
I worked on both of these blocks during the second half of our Quilting Live which you can watch HERE
First up is this lovely yellow Morning Glory!  These blocks are SO pretty!  I am loving Lori's heirloom color way right now!  Plus, they have been so quick and easy to put together!  So pretty and so easy!  
Next is the equally lovely blue Morning Glory block!  Both blocks have been appliquéd, embroidered, buttoned and trimmed!
I followed Lori's instructions on her Week Two blog post which you can read HERE.
And because we had a snow day today I had to get some pictures of these beautiful colors against the white winter wonderland!  I wish you could see the big snowflakes falling around the blocks.  It was so pretty!
🎶 What's the story Morning Glory? 🎶
The story is...two more beautiful flowers to add to my garden!  How is your garden growing?
Happy stitching, my friends! 🤗


  • My mom would be so disappointed in me that I didn’t know what song that was!! Beautiful blocks and snow!!

  • Your blocks look great! I’m still catching up.

  • Such lovely blocks and all that snow! Only way ai am found to see any, alas everything here is blooming a month early!

  • Your blocks look gorgeous! I am sewing vicariously by watching your progress.

  • “Bye Bye Birdie,” which I only know because I watched the live! 😂 I always learn something new while watching!


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