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Bee Happy Sew Along - Week 6!!

It's halftime!!  Welcome to Week 6 of our Lori Holt Throwback Sew Along for 2022 - Bee Happy!!  Can you believe we are already at the halfway point?!
Please note:  Lori originally did this Sew Along in 2017.  Some of the fabric that she used at that time is no longer available.  Fabrics in your kit were provided based on the Bee Happy Booklet fabric requirements.  As you follow Lori's blog throughout the Sew Along some of the fabrics you see in her pictures may be different than the fabrics that we are using.  
Here's our schedule:
This week we are working on these blocks:
  • Hen Block
  • Hens Block
  • Bunting Block
  • Pumpkins Block

Lori gives all the instructions you need through her blog.  Click HERE for her Week 6 blog post where she provides instruction for all of the blocks for this week.

My blocks for this week have not been appliquéd yet.  

First up...the Hen Block:

Please note...if you are following the Bee Happy Book, it does not instruct you to reverse the shape for this block.  Make sure you trace your shape so your hen is facing the correct direction.

I have not added embroidery yet either.  I substituted Lori's red rick rack for the comb, but will add embroidery for the feet and eye.

Next up...the Hens Block:

I also added red rick rack for the combs on these cuties.

Our third block...the Bunting Block:

Our final block for this week...the Pumpkins Block:

For this block we are missing the orange plaid fabric for the other pumpkin.  You can always substitute another orange fabric.  For right now I am going to wait it out for the orange plaid.  I have prepped my block as far as I can and will set it aside for now.

I hope all of you are hanging in there with me and having fun along the way!  Just think...in another 6 weeks we will have a finished quilt top!!!  That is so exciting!

Please share your progress with Lori and I by tagging us on Instagram @beelori1 and @happy.little.stitch.shop 🤗❤️🤗!



  • I used the large red rick rack. Cut it a bit longer so it will curve slightly and allow the raw edges to be tucked under the hen. 🙂🐓

  • I love that idea for the hens. What size rick rack did you use? I need to see if I have it and if not, order some from you.

    Ps. Your blocks are so cute as always ❤️❤️

    Sandy U.
  • ❤️

    Sharon Swieter
  • Thank you Angela for doing this sew along. I’ve fallen behind due to the death of my father. Hoping to get started soon.

    Robin Cumpston

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