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Bee Happy Sew Along - Week 5!!

Welcome to Week 5 of our Lori Holt Throwback Sew Along for 2022 - Bee Happy!!  I am sewing like crazy to try to get back on track!  It's amazing how a day off can throw things out of whack!  
Please note:  Lori originally did this Sew Along in 2017.  Some of the fabric that she used at that time is no longer available.  Fabrics in your kit were provided based on the Bee Happy Booklet fabric requirements.  As you follow Lori's blog throughout the Sew Along some of the fabrics you see in her pictures may be different than the fabrics that we are using.  
Here's our schedule:
This week we are working on these blocks:
  • Flower Pot Blocks
  • Pear Block
  • Peach Block
  • Thermos Block

Lori gives all the instructions you need through her blog.  Click HERE for her Week 5 blog post where she provides instruction for all of the blocks for this week.

I will admit.  As I was sewing like crazy to get back on track, I hit a wall.  It happens.  I am sure it happens to you too.  So, in the pictures you will find my blocks in varying levels of completion...I didn't quite finish all of the appliqué. 🤷‍♀️

First up...the Flower Pot Blocks:

Next...the Pear Block:

Third, the Peach Block:

And, the last one...the cute Thermos Block:

How are you doing with your Bee Happy blocks?  Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you are having fun making this quilt with me!  I am determined to stay on track and have a happy quilt to enjoy by the end of this summer!  I hope you will too!



  • Can’t wait to get caught up and start this weeks appliqué. The blocks are so simple, yet super cute.

    Sandy U.
  • I’ve got the Peach and Pear block done and starting to work on the Flower Pot blocks. Can’t wait to see how these turn out.

    Karie Tanabe

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