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Autumn Love Sew Along - Wagon Block

Welcome to the Autumn Love Throwback Sew Along with Happy Little Stitch Shop!
Each year we try to host a Lori Holt throwback sew along and I KNEW Autumn Love had to be on the list.  The tricky part was that the Autumn Love fabric collection has been discontinued - building a kit had to start from scratch.  After MUCH encouragement from my Happy Little Stitcher community, we did it!  We made the kit with substitute fabrics, we have all the information from Lori and we are ready to dive in!
To refresh your memory, this is the Autumn Love quilt that we are making...
The very first thing to do is go back and read Lori's Bee Prepared post.  You can find it HERE.
You will also need the Autumn Love Sew Along Guide which Lori links in her post, but just in case you missed it you can find it HERE.
I also have an updated schedule for you.  Remember, everyone should sew at their own pace and ENOY making this lovely quilt, but if you are a schedule person...here you go...this is the schedule we will be following.
You can find all the fabric substitution information in my first blog post HERE.
NOW...are you ready to jump into Week Two?!  Let's GO!!!
Wagon Block
First things first...here is a little teaser from Lori's blog post for Week Two...
It is SO IMPORTANT for you to go read Lori's blog post.  She gives lots of key information in putting these blocks together.  You can find her Wagon Block blog post HERE.
And now...here are some photos of my block using the Autumn Love kit curated by Happy Little Stitch Shop (me). 😁
This reminds me of the little red and rusty wagon I used to pull up the street to sell sweet corn at the corner.  🌽
Now...HERE is a link to my YouTube video for our Wagon block.  This video was made to assist you with the fabric substitutions.  PLEASE NOTE!  This video was in progress a few weeks ago and since then I have received feedback and requests from you on what you would like to see in these videos.  This second video is more involved than the first, but the third video for Week Three will be much more detailed and more like a sewing date with me.  Will you join me for a sewing date?!  😁
Making sure it all fits...
Well...would you just look at that cute block?!  I 🧡🧡🧡 it!!
I am making two quilts - one from the original kit and the other from our recolored Happy Little Stitch Shop kit.  I thought this would be helpful to you for fabric substitutions and fabric placement.  We will see if I can keep up with two blocks each week! 😅 Look how good they look side by side!!  
Blocks one and two are complete and ready for appliqué!  Oh my goodness!  They are seriously too cute!  
Look out autumn!  I am ready!  And I will have a brand new quilt for cozy fall snuggles!
I'll see you right back here next week for the Bucket block!
Leave me a comment below and let me know how you are enjoying our Sew Along!
Happy stitching, my peeps! 🤗


  • Soooo adorable!

    Tammy S
  • These are the cutest blocks! Am keeping up so far! Your videos on the blocks are wonderful! Thank you for all you do!

    Alice McFarlane

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